The Netflix series Sense8 is focuses on the sudden and unexpected connection of eight strangers from around the globe. We created an experiment that would similarly unite eight real world strangers in an unexpected way. This came out in the form of an original song that was created using captured human brainwaves.

We took eight strangers and recorded their brainwaves. This experiment combined visuals, tests, sound, touch and scent. These different stimuli were designed to affect the participants’ brainwaves. We created an algorithm that would translate the brainwave signals into music. The brainwaves  of each participant were translated into different melodies. Our final output was an original song created by the brainwaves of these eight strangers. The song is available for download and there is a Sense8 trailer cut to this song. 

I was the design creative director for this project. My role included concept, strategy, design and animation.