For the launch of a new game platform, Disney Infinity, we were tasked with creating the digital properties. This included the product website, digital media, and social components. The game combines characters, locations and devices from multiple Disney universes. This game is the only place where Marvel characters can play alongside Disney characters like Mickey Mouse. The product website was designed to easily showcase the unique universe and gameplay in Infinity. It also serves as a place to give all the information on the types of characters and game packs that can be purchased and used within the game. 

Besides the product site, we created T.I.M. (The Infinity Machine) and a toilet paper launcher.  T.I.M. is a lottery type machine that creates wacky, unexpected combinations of characters, devices and locations that can happen in the Infinity universe. T.I.M. lived on the Infinity YouTube channel and also was scaled to live on digital media including the YouTube homepage masthead.On Facebook we allowed users to vote for which zany device from Disney Infinity to be built in real life. The votes were tallied and The toilet paper launcher won, which we then fabricated. The launcher was on display and used at E3 and Disney Con.